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DayTwo- unexpected and overwhelming

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Since everything was brought out into the open 8 weeks ago my husband decided to stay because he saw my pain at thought of him taking time a way to "see how he would feel".  However, he stopped sleeping in our bed as he felt this wasn't his home so he was sleeping in a chair or in the floor in our living room .   it broke my heart and many other emotions that were not Godly.

For day 2 I made my husband dinner last night.  It was simple but not on the normal paper plates but on our "guests arecoming" plates to help show him he is special and is worth more then paper plates.   He thanked me.  I couldn't help but smile.

I went to bed leaving him in the living room.  I came back out a bit later and asked if he woukd hold me.  He did and after a few minutes i asked him if he would please sleep in our bed tonight.  He did!

I am overwhelmed how much I had forgotten how beautiful it is to watch him feel special in my eyes and all I want to do is do more.

I know It's not all better, I see his pain, reservations, and lack of trust in what he is seeing, but I have complete faith God is blessing me with a renewed heart of selflessness for my amazing husband.

  • You will hear this from others to but don't put any expectations on your husband, it will lead to disappointment, just trust God and be thankful.

    It really is beautiful to hear what is going on in your situation though, and I encourage you to do only a dare a day, and no more no less, or you may make him feel smothered.

  • he may not come back to reconcile for some time.  Because he may think these quick changes you are making are fake, a ruse to win him back, and then you will go back to your old ways.  

    Keep consistent in what the  dares teach.  He needs to see you your testimony stay consistent over time.  

    It may get worse because he may think why wasn't she always like this?

    Also, when you see that he's let his wall down, you will be  tempted to pull his car up to yours.  you will want to pull him to where you want  him to be.  Let God do all the moving of him, not you.  

    Read Sean's journals from oldest to newest to get the  meaning behind pulling his car....

    Josh makes  some good  points.  

  • enjoy the moments of goodness and then let God know you enjoy Him all the more.  And let Him  know you know any good moments come only through Him, not what you do on your own.

  • If you don't have it, grab The Five Love Languages. It is a wonderful book. Similar to what you are learning on your own. I think that could really benefit you.

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