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Day 217: Love promotes intimacy

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Day 217: Love promotes intimacy


He who covers over an offense promotes love, but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.

—Proverbs 17:9 NIV



Determine to guard your mate’s secrets (unless they are dangerous to them or to you) and to pray for them. Talk with your spouse, and resolve to demonstrate love in spite of these issues. Really listen to them when they share personal thoughts and struggles with you. Make them feel safe.


--Lincoln and Bella (more so Lincoln) were asking questions again during our prayer meeting, primarily “when is Mommy coming home.” They don’t talk in terms of “if” mommy is coming home, but they talk in terms of “when” is she coming home, when she comes home can we do this, when she comes home we..., etc. I simply listened to them with my heart just melting for them…I did tell them that we have to keep praying about it, trusting in Him, it is all up to God and His timing when it is going to happen. They seemed at peace and happier knowing that… But it just makes me realize I need to continue thinking the way Lincoln and Bella do, I need to talk the way they do, pray as it is going to happen…they talk like it is going to happen soon. Like scripture (Matthew 18:2-5) says “have faith like a child.” I know I try to, but not always. I need to proclaim His victory...He has won! Thank you Father God for this reminder… Although I could not with MB today, I listened to Bella and Lincoln share their personal thoughts and struggles with me. I made sure they felt safe by giving them lots of hugs and listening.


Dear Father God, thank you for being my safe place, my refuge. I do not understand how anyone can do this without You Father God by their side; thank you for being with me. You are so good to me! Father God, I put forward my marriage to you, so that you may heal our wounds, and restore our union. Father God, I ask you to command my marriage to move up from the dead. I pray that you take away all evil influences and bad wishers of our marriage. Father God, speak to Mary Beth, soften her heart, and return her to our Home. Lincoln and Bella believe that it is a matter of “when” mommy comes home, not “if.” Father God, help me have faith like our children. Father God, I ask that you show Mary Beth that our love is true and that together with You, we can be a strong family. Father God, You are a loving God, and You have the power to help us resolve our differences. Father God, I ask that you "fix" me and Mary Beth so that we will once again fall in love with each other. Father God, I ask you to help me remain peaceful during this difficult time, so that I choose my words and actions carefully, so that Mary Beth can see me as a safe place to share thoughts and struggles with me. Father God, I pray that you speak to Mary Beth in her dreams, through her thoughts, and in her visions. Father God, show her that d------ is not the answer and will not make her happier. Help Mary Beth see that only through You will we reach true happiness. Thank you Father God for hearing my prayer and showing Mary Beth the way home “when” it is time. I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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I am thankful to our God for: a vehicle that works good; it’s going to be near 60 degrees next week; and giving me the opportunity to see MB again in her classroom and allowing me to offer her if there was anything I could help her with.       


  • I believe that if you stand and wait on the lord for your marriage and love your wife as he would want you to, your marriage will be restored. The time spent waiting is not wasted, obedience and seeking his face is never a waste.

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