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Day 169: Love makes good impressions

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Greet one another with a kiss of love. —1 Peter 5:14

TODAY’S DARE Think of a specific way you’d like to greet your spouse today. Do it with a smile and with enthusiasm. Then determine to change your greeting to reflect your love for them.

 --I think back to when I was first married to MB and the years prior when we were “dating.”  The excitement I felt was great. But over the years things change and we begin to take each other for granted, at least for me as I became distracted with other things (work, kids, home chores, etc.).  Little details that used to mean so much start to be forgotten and no longer seem so important. Like greeting each other with a kiss, a hug, or dropping whatever I was doing to focus entirely on MB when she gets home. Greeting your spouse properly is so important and I look forward to returning to a place of giving a loving “kiss of love” each time I see her walk in the door.

I greeted MB today with a lot of nice kind text conversations during the day.

Just want to share such a powerful verse God showed me today in James 2:13 "Mercy triumphs over judgement."  I am being reminded of God's love. I am always asking Holy Spirit to search my heart. He knows me better than I do. And will bring things to my remembrance, not to cause me pain, but things I need to let go, or people I need to forgive. I could understand that when your heart aches it can be very hard to forgive those that might never say, "I am sorry." But this is where God's goodness comes in. He will give strength to the weak and draws near to the broken-hearted. He fills our lives with hope and assurance, knowing we can confidently believe that all things work together for the good to those who love God. Therefore, I don't have to be afraid to forgive, to have grace, to be kind, and to show mercy. I truly believe that kindness can bring a person to repentance. Thank you Father God for showing me this!!

I am thankful to our God for: carrying on a text conversation pretty much all day with MB; getting to take both Lincoln and Bella to Christmas party in the East Building; and getting the kids off to school on time after they only sleep about 6 hours.

  • I am not saying you over did the texting all day.  but, be cautious of trying to continue that if she's not open to it.  And even on a day like that where she is open to it, the next day she may put her wall back up for a little while just to show you that her texting all day was not her softening.

  • Mercy triumphs over judgement.  Pretty awesome words.  

    Enjoy the memory of the all day texting and let God know you appreciate that and you enjoy Him all the more.

  • Take each other for granted, check. Distracted, check. Little details forgotten, check. These are traps we all fall into. Marriage would be so amazing if we could just do it like the Bible says. PUT YOUR SPOUSE FIRST UNDER GOD.

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