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Day 64: Love vs. Lust

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Day 64: Love vs. Lust


The world is passing away, and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God lives forever.

—1 John 2:17



End it now. Identify every object of lust in your life and remove it. Single out every lie you’ve swallowed in pursuing forbidden pleasure and reject it. Lust cannot be allowed to live in a back bedroom. It must be killed and destroyed—today—and replaced with the sure promises of God and a heart filled with His perfect love.


--Lust defined in this chapter is the opposite of love. It means to set your heart and passions on something that takes you away from goodness. “For a believer it’s the first step out of fellowship with the Lord and with others. That’s because very object of your lust—whether it’s a young coworker or a film actress, or coveting a half-million dollar house, a sports car, or the ‘greener grass’—represents the beginnings of a lie. This person or thing that seems to promise sheer satisfaction is more like a bottomless pit of unmet longings. Lust will make you dissatisfied with your spouse. It breeds anger, numbs hearts, and destroys marriages. Rather than fullness, it leads to emptiness.”


My eyes have been opened during this storm to what I likely lusted for, mainly my focus on career, education, being good at things I do, fixing-up the house; all of which took my energy and priorities away from my wife and kids. It was completely selfish and I have come to realize that those things are just a misguided thirst for satisfaction that only God can fulfill.  I strongly believe that God will provide me with what I need. He knows the desires of our hearts, desires that come from a pure heart not a misguided one.  If I could somehow erase all the hurt, I would in a heartbeat, but I honestly would not take back this journey because I would not be where I am with God without it. I am embracing this process, letting God prune what He needs to.  Every day is difficult, but He gives me strength to get through it and I know each day He is molding me into love more and more. I don’t want to let God down.  I like what the book says, it is so true: “Lust is the best this world has to offer, but love offers you the best life in the world!”

  • It is amazing when we let go of fixing up the house and those things as a number one priority, that we become more content, and peace comes, through putting Christ first above the things we once lusted for.  

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