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Day 6: Love is not irritable

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He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city.

—Proverbs 16:32 TODAY’S DARE Choose today to react to tough circumstances in your marriage in loving ways instead of with irritation. Begin by making a list below of areas where you need to add margin to your schedule. Then list any wrong motivations that you need to release from your life.
  • I am not understand this dare. What does it mean by margin?

  • Wow: talk about an eye-opening experience; my wife and I attend a small group cell bible study at our pastor and his wife's house there was a discussion about how does each person spend with God in His Word; communicating with Him; and I will not lie I feel like I have been neglecting my time with God during the week. The only time I connect with God is on Sunday morning's and Thursday evening's. So; here is the challenge from my pastor and his wife---that my wife and I spend time in God's Word at least 15 minutes when we wake up in the morning and 15 minutes before we go to bed and to also pray for each other and with each other. As for day six's love dare "love is not irritable" that if I choose to go to bed because I have been on the internet until five o' clock in the morning; then I better not get angry with my wife; that I will still wake up with a pleasant attitude still wanting to spend time with my wife. I need God's strength everyday to accomplish things in life; but I need to say-----God's Will be done; not Timothy's Stubborn and Fleshly will.

  • BMJAE,

    What in your life is taking your time? Is there things that you can spend less time (that is not really important) that you can take and give for your time with God? If you watch 2 hours a TV a night, watch an hour. give the other to Bible reading, praying....

  • How am I supposed to do all these love dare days when nothing seems to help, my husband keeps blaming everything on me, keeps threatening divorce every time we have a problem, and our blended family sucks?  My husband is very mean to me and to my son and every other day says he wants a divorce - and on the "other" days, tells me how scared he is that things aren't going to work out.  I have to be perfect every single day or he blows up again.  This sucks.

  • @ Beth - my wife has already filed for divorce, is inviting men over to the house while I'm gone, tells me I'm not allowed to speak to her unless I give her full custody of our 4 kids, tells me I'm only allowed to speak to her lawyer, that the 12 years of our marriage were horrible.

    JUST DO IT. It's not for him, it's for YOU.

  • I am working through the book. And praying. I am at my wits end. It'd like she don't care anymore. It feels as if God has abandon me and my marriage. I don't know how to get the hurt to stop. I need prayer and God to intervene before its too late. I am on day 6. And it seems that it is getting worse. She said she has noticed that im trying and she loves but her heart is numb. Please God help me and help us.

  • having a difficult day today, he's accusing me of something i didnt do, yet he doesnt believe me. there is such a lack of trust on both sides and i dont know if we can ever get it back. as the saying goes: it takes years to build trust, and seconds to destroy it. may God restore our faith and trust in one another

  • I'm on Day #6, tough day for me. I became upset at a text my wife received from "Him". I broke down and she took our daughter and left while I kept our son. Trying not to get discouraged.

  • i am struggling with this - i am not sure how to go about this one.

    add margin - Is that where you are waisting time - and to stop that

    Where it says wrong motivations is that have to do with the tough circumstances??

  • Day # 6 might take me more then a day to complete. I'm lacking the ability to understand what and where I should set margins and what wrong motivations I have. So far my husband is all confused on why I'm doing this. Why I'm trying so hard now. I have been constantly praying for God to soften his heart and to build me up as a wife.

  • Okay, now today I found myself encountering a speed bump; I cant seem to figure out my wrong motivations. Is that bad? I was able to make a list of adding margins to me life, but this wrong motivations is difficult. Plus, I was really looking forward to having an excuse today to call her up and talk to her. Since she lives in a different house, she is constantly in my mind. And is there a certain limit for the motivations?

    Im not giving up.

  • I am ready to give up on this. My husband and I seem to be doing better, but not because of this and it's obviously temporary. The same problems are hiding under the surface. He never answered my question from yesterday and I have such a hard time holding my tongue when he says something I don't like. He doesn't appreciate the fact that I care enough to put up with his crap in the first place. I am trying so hard, but there are so many factors that make it so incredibly crazy! Sometimes, I just want to give up. Today is one of those days. I wish I had some kind of encouragement through all of this. :(

  • I have to say, my husband and I got into a huge, ugly fight that started with me expressing to him that I don't like him exchanging numbers with other females (especially those I don't know). Apparently, that was a problem and it caused him to say some hurtful things. Eventually, the argument died down, but the pain is still there. I mentioned that I started a program to help our marriage and told him od some other things I have tried. I think he was in a bit of shock, but it hasn't seemed to change anything so far. An apology would've been nice, but no. I'm not important enough for one of those. I'm never good enough for him. Not that he helps me with the countless things he criticizes me for...Lord God helo me!

  • Amazing. I thought I was alone. today only communication i got when i offered to help was "what could you possibly help me with" it was like i was shot.

  • Recently I found out my husband was having an affair since March 2013. i am still crushed after finding out in September. Its caused us to have numerous horrible fights. I am so distraught and in such a bad state. We have started going to church but I don't feel God in my heart. I am so afraid he will keep seeing her. She is not someone I know and he is a traveling man because of his job. I just feel like walking out forever. Our family is forever changed. Their are so many margins that can be changed but I have talked to him about this and nothing has changed. He seems to think if he fixes a light switch or takes out the trash and does dishes that he is allowed to do whatever he wants.

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