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Day 23: Love always protects

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[Love] always protects.

—1 Corinthians 13:7 NIV TODAY’S DARE Remove anything that is hindering your relationship, any addiction or influence that’s stealing your affections and turning your heart away from your spouse.
  • Monday, March 29, 2010. Day 23: "Love Always Protects."


    I will try to remove any obstacle, influence, or anything that is hindering my relationship with my wife and also anything that is trying to steal my affections and trying to turn my heart away from my wife and my affections for her.

  • I have removed everything from my life that I felt was coming between my wife and I. I am going to church again, listening to KLOVE, reading the bible, and truely trying to save my marriage. This dare has been the most difficult for me to work on because it is a constant battle. I feel so helpless when it comes to my wife removing these from her life as well. There is no way that I can seem to keep up with protecting my wife from this other man with todays technology. Email, texting, facebook, APPS are all driving me insane! My wife is in God's hands and under his care. I continue to pray that God keep this other man away from my wife and Family. I still have no idea who it was and it is killing me inside. All I know is that my wife gave our 3rd phone to this mystery man. I made her get the phone back but are they still comunicating. Things at home are so much better now that I have read the love dare but sometimes things strange and I get that feeling that I had when I discovered what was going on. Desperately in need of advise and prayer.

  • NotAlone35, I have been where you are.  The hardest thing I had to do was trust God.  It was a hard journey, but God showed his faithfulness in the end.  God is for marriage and will fight for you.  I will be praying for you.    

  • notalone35, im right where you are right now, but it's not only dealing with other women that are trying to get closer to my partern, but also drugs. like you said it's a constant battle and sometimes you have no choice then to be strong. There are times and days that i really want to give up, this is chalenging me so much,  he already said he doesn't like anymore, and just today he asked me to leave. I am putting him on God's hands.... somtimes i just think that this is not going to work,  but like someone told me, this is between you and God , not you and significant other...  i will continue with this, and i have faith that God will do a miracle...

  • Today I just want to quit. This is the first day where I just want to give up. This is my journey with God and it isn’t about my husband, and I keep telling myself that, but obviously a part of me isn’t ready to give it all up yet. I knew that I would be tested when I started this journey, but last night my husband crossed a line and put our kids in the middle. They are so upset they couldn’t go to school today. This too I am supposed to give to God, but they are people and they do react and I have to be a parent and deal with it on at the very least a physical level.  My kids are old enough to understand this love dare thing and we talk about it. We read the bible together and pray for dad together. We pray for God’s will and they understand that we may not be a family in the end. They are kids so they do pray for us to get back together and they are still hoping that is the way things work out. When my husband left, he left all of us and has little to do with the kids, when I didn’t react like he thought I would, he started with the comments and the rejection to the dares. Since he hasn’t been being a dad, like he used to be I have stepped up and done things with the kids that he would normally do and the kids told me that he is mad about that. Now my husband has put the kids in the middle and is trying to manipulate them and control them with the giving and receiving of his time. “I will take you fishing but we have to go to my parent’s house afterwards.” Long story, but they aren’t comfortable going to their house and right now they want alone time with just dad. My kids don’t deserve to be treated like that and they know it is wrong for him to treat them like that. But they are saying to me, I will do anything to have my dad, even stuff that I don’t want to do. We read the bible together so they would have a better understanding of this journey ad the journey their father is struggling with. My 10 year old is even reminding me to have patience, but I just don’t want my journey to somehow ruin my kids. Turning to God should be a glorious experience shouldn’t it?  I feel like I am putting my kids in a bad situation by antagonizing my husband with love of all things. What lesson am I missing?

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