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Day 15: Love is honorable

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Live with your wives in an understanding way . . . and show her honor as a fellow heir of the grace of life.

—1 Peter 3:7 TODAY’S DARE Choose a way to show honor and respect to your spouse that is above your normal routine. It may be holding the door for her. It might be putting his clothes away for him. It may be the way you listen and speak in your communication. Show your mate that he or she is highly esteemed in your eyes.
  • Love Dare Challenge for Sunday, March 21, 2010.


    Day 15: "Love Is Honorable"----- For today's dare not only will I show my wife that she is highly esteemed in my eyes; but I will listen to her intently and only focus on the words that she is communicating with me and I will not ignore her; get distracted in any way; meaning that I will focus on Rebecca and Rebecca alone and ask the Holy Spirit for sensitivity to listen to what is on my wife's mind, heart, and soul and I will not reply with an attitude of Irritation because my petty interests got interrupted such as the internet or facebook. My wife's needs and attention come first.

  • I am completing the dare in a couple of ways.  First I am going to honor her through communication, I will listen to her intently and take her words as advice or constructive criticism and not as attacks on me.  I will also listen to her without interrupting, allowing her to say what is on her mind and complete her thought before I interrupt.  Secondly, I am not going to disturb her this weekend.  We have been separated about a month and she has been living with her mother the whole time.  She also has primary custody of our daughter.  This weekend I have our daughter and her mom is in Las Vegas, so this will be her first weekend "alone" since the separation.  I will honor her by giving her the space she needs and not trying to push my way in.  If she calls me great, which she has once to see how our daughter is doing, but I will not call her.  I will honor and respect this short amount of "alone" time that she has.

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