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Day 11: Love cherishes

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Husbands ought also to love their own wives as their own bodies.

—Ephesians 5:28 TODAY’S DARE What need does your spouse have that you could meet today? Can you run an errand? Give a back rub or foot massage? Is there housework you could help with? Choose a gesture that says, “I cherish you” and do it with a smile.

  • Love Dare: Day 11--- Love Cherishes. If my wife does not know that I cherish her; I do cherish her with all my heart, because God has put Rebecca Mae Monroe in my life to be my wife until death do us part. And there are some days that we might disagree and get into an arguement or two; but in all honesty I could not live without her, because her love and kindness inspires me to love and cherish her more. And I thank God every day for bringing a beautiful woman such as Rebecca Monroe into my life; so I can hold and cherish her everyday of my life and I will do my best to let her know just how cherished she is and loved with my whole heart.

  • its very difficult for me because my husband works out of town and when he is around he sits at his pub till late. by the time he comes home i am already in dreamland. i do stuff for him without getting upset even though it interferes with my work time without getting stressed or upset. when i call him to find out how he is doing to tell him how much he means to me, he brushes me off, like i am disturbing him.

  • I totally understand last post (RhondaJ). My husband and I are separated due to his job. We don't see each other much, yet when we do there is a lot of tension. We have a great deal of thing working against us. I try my very best to let him know how special he is to me, by sending gifts as often as I can. Some how I am not sure he understand the meaning behind them.

  • Sometimes it gets hard to understand how I got here...but this weekend I was told he shut off God in some parts of his life. So shutting off the source of life in your life will bring death. I am standing and fighting for my marriage. The Love Dares have only made the love I have for him deeper. Remember to cast your care on God and leaving it there is what keeps me peaceful. I think being consistent in the love dare is important. Him knowing I was kind yesterday, the day, shows him God in ways he has decided to shut off. He also told me he is being selfish...only God melting his heart can change that... Day 11...I just keep doing all the things...he pushes and only love comes back at him. I will offer a back rub and hope he will let me. If not, I will just smile and that love pour out.

  • In your hand's GOD there is peace.......

  • I have maintained my promise not to say anything negative to my husband and for the first few days it seemed to have an affect on the way that Justin was treating me.  He was a lot nicer as well.  I couldn't think of anything to do for yesterdays dare because I had already gone to the bakery and got his favorite kind of cake for one of the other dares.  Tonight I will cook him dinner and give him a backrub and hopefully he will like that.  He wasn't in a great mood yesterday.  he isn't a very talkative guy to begin with which is one of the things I struggle with.  The communication is very minimum.  Today when I called him at work he acted like he was too busy to talk to me.  I needed to remind him to do something for our taxes and he cocked an attitude with me.  I was like please don't talk to me like that!  It is very hard not to snap back but I managed.  I am doing this very one sided so its hard when I read what the husband should be doing for his wife and Im like I wish I could let him read what hes doing wrong.  But then I remember that I am making the first step.  I am learning a lot about what a marriage is and the sacrifices that have to be made.  It is often very hard to be selfless and love unconditionally.  I feel like a better person when I do this but it takes a lot.

  • I quit on Day 11. That was about 3 weeks ago. I guess I would have been coming to the end of my 40 days. My husband and I were talking about how he doesn't have any joy, and he admitted that he lets his circumstances dictate his happiness. I was trying to encourage him and I was reminding him that Paul (in the bible) was in prison, and still praised the Lord. I guess I was trying to give him some perspective in the hopes that he would see that his life isn't so bad after all. So I asked him, "If Paul could be in prison and still praise God, what's the difference between you and Paul?" His response:

    "Paul wasn't married."

    Wow. That was a gut punch. Later on we were talking again (about how miserable he is, and how it's all because he married me) and he said, "Just because you do my laundry and bring me my dinner plate doesn't make it all balance out."

    I just can't keep putting myself out there to be kicked in the teeth. We are probably going to separate. After the last time my husband threw a flash light at me because he didn't like something I said, I decided that this love dare wasn't meant for abusive relationships. So I quit.

  • Well im at this day. I have been in prayer and asking God to fix my marriage. Well in two days she is telling me whether we are divorcing or working on our marriage.  You know part of me wants to work on things. I love her so mug but like I said she has like given up. The other part of me just want to say go then. Im tired of the hurt and pain. I do truly love het. PLEASE GOD RESTORE MY MARRIAGE. PLEASE STOP NOW AND PRAY FOR US. THANK YOU. ANY ADVICE

  • Today my husband Kevin and i did today's love dare we stroked each orher faces and told each other what we love about each other. Every since we took this LOVE DARE we see the changes in one another and even how we communicate with each other. Before we looked at the movie and decided to take the love dare our communication would be curssing each other out at a drop of a dime. But now we take the time to show each other the love that we have always haad for one another.He fixes my lunch for the next day i cut his hair for him.I love and cherish my husband with all my heart he is my protector and best friend.

  • Chereish my wife.  I have been trying to hug my wife for the last two days.  Just to feel her embrace would would mean the world to me.  My wife and kids are the most cherished things in my life.  I had taken this for granted here lately and I am trying to show my wife what she means to me.  I know we said it did not break overnight and it will not get fixed overnight, but at times you can only get rejected so often before doubt creeps in.  I keep saying patience, acts of kindness, and God is in control.  I am trying not to control the situationm, but pray to God and let him show me how to be a better husband and father.  I love my wife.  I will cherish my wife.  God Bless.

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