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Day 49 - Love Makes Good Impressions

Day 49 - Love Makes Good Impressions

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  • There is no simpler yet important way to show my love for my husband than with my greetings.  Since beginning the dares, I have woken up when I hear him wake up downstairs so that when he comes into the bedroom, I can tell him good morning.  I read my dare and pray while he’s in the shower, and then talk about what’s upcoming in the day in the few minutes that I get with him before he leaves for work.  I message him with a good morning after we’ve both been at work for a couple of hours.  I meet him at the front door as often as possible at the end of the day.  I have noticed that about half of the time, he greets me at the front door. 

    What a difference all of this has made!  Even though he still has such boundaries on any physical relationship, I feel closer to him than ever before.  I know more about what he does day to day and how he feels about the things around him.  This past week, he’s been sleeping better than he has in months .  He seems more relaxed at home and happier in general. 

    I spent some time on this day with my dad and my brother.  My mom is still so against me standing for my marriage that she will not speak to me if she has the choice.  She wasn’t happy that they needed my help, but my dad needed the use of my truck and had to get out of the house for a while.  After helping them out, I took my brother with me and my daughter to meet some friends at the pool.  He did all of the work, and I got to just sit back and visit with friends. 

    The day was also my first day back to praise band rehearsal.  I’ve been on my mic a couple of times in the last month, and it is hard to let myself go that much.  When I get caught up in worship, right now, I tend to cry.  I’m not willing to give up too much of my evening for rehearsals, and our worship leader was very understanding of that.  He kept the rehearsal short, and I was home in time to say good night to my daughter.

    My husband was on the computer when I got home from rehearsal.  I said good night to my daughter and went downstairs to watch TV.  He came down a few minutes later and we visited and watched a movie.  A few months ago, he would have stayed upstairs on the computer.  I know that Christ is working in him, and I know that my husband is seeing and feeling the changes in me and in us. 

  • Your testimony is starting to shine through. Praise praise praise....

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