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Love Dare 9

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  • Today i sent my husband a text, since we aren't living together. He says he wants me to just let him go. But i tell you what that motivates me to want to do more for him. I know where i did things out of wrongful motives and such. My family has no idea i am doing this. If they did they would be totally against it and angry with me. They feel my husband has put me through enough with his addiction and us losing everything. I see this as an opportunity to start over new. I see that as our "old" marriage. My love has matured and grown. I am ready to love him with no matter what. I still do even now how he rejects me and says I am trying to trick him with all that i am doing. 

    When he says things like that i choose not to defend myself but to show him this is how it will be from now on. No gimmick, tricks, or manipulation. I cant wait to do dare 10 & 11. I cant do much for him physically but i can do other things. i plan on cooking him one of his fave meals & desert. I stopped doing that when i felt unappreciated which was selfish. 

    It took a lot to get me to do this because I had fear of rejection, but now i see fear & feeling have nothing to do with this. I have to look beyond what my spouse says and does because at one time they wanted these things from me but i chose out of selfishness not to. 

    I dont know what will happen but i am excited to see what does. I am full of joy to do these things for my husband as i grow closer to Jesus. I dont see him as i once did. I see him differently now. I am trusting God to the fullest and praying. 

    I no longer will go by my emotions but by what God is leading me to do .


  • Dont fear rejection. You are on a journey. There is no rejection, there is only molding from Christ. Those moments are a humbling moment that if you seek Christ in that time you will find Christs direction and intention in your life.

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