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more work....

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  • Hubby rang the door bell down stairs so I let him in, and waited for him at the top of the stairs.
    As soon as I saw him, I smiled and said hello.
    He said hi and asked if the cable guy had been in.
    I said not yet but that they were in the way (This all being said as he is walking up the stairs)
    When he got to the door, I gave him a kiss.
    We got in the house and I showed him the "will be back later" note from the cable guy.
    As he read it, I put mu arm around his waist and waited. ( That was the continuation of the greeting because I didnt feel the kiss at the door was enough)
    That said, the task was complete, the cable guy did come back that evening  and I spent the rest of the night trying to rehearse all that i have learnt in the passed 8 days about Love.
    How will I change them from now on?
    well, I think that I need to be consistent perhaps.
    Before, well now... when I am in a bad mood I dont wanna do anything especially for him, but I think that I could make that extra effort to make each greeting meaningful by being quick to listen and slow to speak.
    By not being in a hurry to move on to what ever it is that I want to do next.
    I need to exercise patience.
  • Lead your heart in those moments..l read in the appendix about leading the heart.

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