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Re: Day -9 Love Makes Good Impressions

Day -9 Love Makes Good Impressions

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  • I'll have to wait until she gets home tonight as she wasn't home last night, but with "him". I am plannning a nice warm welcome but doubt that a kiss or even a hug will be received at this point. I have been praying for her much and for God to touch her heart, but it's a struggle to remain strong as nothing I seem to say or do matters. I am steadfast in my commitment to our marriage and am faithful that it will improve.

  • Jason,

    I am new to this too but the one thing that Sean says that encourages me is that its about you and christ.

    I mean, the love that God has for us in Christ is stronger than any love that we can have in a human being.

    Today I learned that the burden of my husband not comming home, must be taken to God so that my heart can be lead to do the dares.

    My emotions have been hopeful, angry, tires, stressed all in the 9 days that I have been doing these dares and for the first time, I am taking them out on God or taking them to Him in prayer and not to my husband.

    It is hard but pray for God to let you see that she is not your life source, only God is your life source.

    There is a lot of stuff that God wants to deal with us about, I said in one of my posts..... cant recall the day, where I claimed that God seems to be content to have so much trouble in my house because its not going away.

    Sean quickly rebuked me and reminded me that my way has got me here and now I need to do things Gods way.

    I said that I have so  much baggage and it is true.

    I have been unpacking my baggage since day 1 and my post today has even more baggage,  but at least its out. At the foot of the cross, in the hands of God and His word will try it and see if there is any merit in it and if there is not, REBUKE is in order and most welcome.

    I need some God truth!

    My brother, we got 31 days left with the dare and a hosts of people who love us with Jesus love even  if our spouses do not.

    Lets do the dares and move on to higher places in Christ where only the word can take us.

    We are, our brothers keepers!

    If we make it with them, praise the Lord, if we make it alone, to God be the Glory cause either way we would be being transformed into the image of our saviour daily.

    Let us die to self, that Christ may live..... kicking, screaming, crying and praying lets let God gut us out so to speak so we can win with Christ!

  • Do not have expectations. This is a journey between you and Christ at the moment. Allow Christ to mold you through the dares more in His image each day. There will be moments that are not good with her, but understand Christ will humble you for a purpose. You need to seek out that purpose, so that your testimony will shine through... It is then your wife will start to trust the changes in you, and things will change.

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