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Re: Day 49 - Love still Makes Good Impressions

Day 49 - Love still Makes Good Impressions

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    Day 49—Love still Makes Good Impressions


    “Think of a specific way you'd like to greet your spouse today.  Do it with a smile and with enthusiasm.  Then determine to change your greeting to reflect your love for them.”


    Since there was no communication between my husband and I today, the dare was not completed. However, since this dare during round 1, I have changed my greeting to reflect my love for him. How can I not now? I am always so excited to see him since it is rare these days.


    I cannot get my husband off my mind. I have been working very hard on the house with the help of my family. I would love for him to be a part of it, but know that is not in God’s plan right now. I am doing exactly what God has instructed me to do. I am fighting writing this right now because I do not quite understand why He wants me to open up about it. It is going to be more of a “what the heck are you doing Jenn?” for those reading it…or so I think, but here it goes—


    Three weeks ago at 430 in the morning—the day my husband was moving out—I woke up with this INTENSE feeling of God wanting me to write down exactly what He was telling me. I have never heard His voice so clearly in my life until that moment. I went and grabbed a card out of my stationary collection and started writing exactly what He was telling me. It was in the form of a letter from Christ to me. I don’t remember exactly what it says right now because I have sealed it and am not to open it until told to do so, but a part of the letter was a list (He obviously knows my love for lists—LoL). I was to do exactly what was on it—putting ALL of my TRUST in Him. A few of the items consist of our remodel that has been at a standstill since our “marriage blow up”—


    1.       Do not contact [your husband] unless told to do so

    2.       Make one more house payment

    3.       Finish the interior painting as if you are keeping the house

    4.       Finish the bathrooms

    5.       Replace the carpet


    To end the “letter” He said, “[Your husband] will be joining you in Hawaii. (We are going to Hawaii as a family in May and as of right now obviously my husband is not a part of it…yet)


    I have tears streaming down my face as I even write this now. It is a whole lot of mixed emotions from excitement and happiness to fear and even a little bit of doubt (being honest). In a way it is all still unreal to me, but I have not veered from what He told me early that morning. I have been working diligently following His plan.


    Last Sunday when I wrote my journal entry for “buy your spouse something unexpected that says I was thinking of you,” I had thought I was not able to complete the dare that day. Once I was done with my journal entry I started doing my bills and in the stack was my mortgage bill. It hit me—I am completing the dare today. I am writing a check for one more house payment. If that doesn’t represent, “I’m thinking of you,” then I don’t know what does. My husband has absolutely no clue about any of this. When he comes by on occasion to pick up his mail he is thinking I am getting the house ready to sale because prior to him moving out we talked about putting it up for short sale since I cannot afford it by myself. I had no clue what God had in store for me though.


    No matter how much I am feeling all of this is stretching me financially, physically, and emotionally— I am trusting in Him with everything I’ve got.


    I don’t expect anyone to really understand this, which is where some of my fear is stemming from. I have told very few people about it. Two of which I asked to just trust me and they have every step of the way as they’ve been so graciously helping me with the house. Even as I close this entry I still feel God reassuring me this is what He wanted me to write this evening as He knows I am still questioning the ‘why’ of it as I even write these last words.


    This song has really summed it for me during this journey -


  • You do not have to keep it from others. This is all part of your story, your testimony. Trusting Christ in every thing in your life. How awesome is that. Do not worry what others think. Deep down they wish they had the same testimony as you!

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