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Getting Better

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  • So maybe I am winning this ... but the days seem to be getting better. I've the consious decision, to let God work his magic. I've realized that the harder i try to fix this, the worse things get.. it's almost like i push him away... so now, i just leave it.

    He got home, and instead of the usual boring "look away and greet half heartedly" I walked up to him and gave him a hug and kiss and asked how his day was. He was surprised and even asked if i was feeling ok.. hahah.. but it made him feel appreciated. And that made me happy. There was a moment or two when an argument was brewing and trying to turn the mood around, but each time, i dusted my shoulder and told that little demon with his pitch fork, to get right off and leave me alone!! I feel so much lighter. No more anger and bitterness. 

    And so, for the first time, in a long time, we actually had a very pleasant evening. 

    God is good!


  • When your focus is on Christ, it is so much easier to humble yourself in those times. And when you leave the control at Christs feet, you get to focus on Him.

    As you grow with Christ this will become so much easier each day.

  • I know that now! It takes so much energy to be angry all the time. It's such an unpleasant feeling. I know he needs GOD and I wont stop praying for him. I would love for him to walk this walk with me, but GOD has a plan... This I know.

  • One of the hardest things is to walk this walk alone. However, we need to realize that Christ gave us this journey for a reason. And with that, it is our testimony to our spouse that will open their eyes to Christ, and hopefully they will desire to have what we do in Christ.

  • Amen.

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