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Strange, Weird--- playing games

Strange, Weird--- playing games

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  • My husband has been becoming AWFULLY friendly with me lately (we are separated at different locations) He is starting to text like all day long and the texts are not of anything but my boobs.. no mention of kids, situation anything important.  He has MASSIVE sexual demons all over him, From BDSM, to giantess, hormone lanced females that look like men, just anything disgusting...GROSS!  I am trying to not lose my cool. Just 4 days ago he was not talking to me at all and that lasted 10 days. I am not sure if he is using me for one of his little rituals, he wants me to dominate him.. when I tried I was told I was controlling.. I ask God to shut my husbands mouth and to produce substance or lay in silence.

    This is a grown man really?  Hmm how do you be the brady bunch wife who is okay husband, bring me your STD's, your herpes, your AIDS, and your hoe, because I forgive you with unconditional love and when you do it again I will just look past it. Because unconditional love has no conditions so by all means walk all over me!!!

    Someone PLEASE explain.

  • You made a covenant before God to love him unconditionally.   That does not change even when the world says he does not deserve you.  

    But unconditional love does not mean you can't hold him ac countable.  In a kind and loving way you can tell him infidelity is completely going against Christ.  Its a good time to Be still....and know He is God.   Leave him to Christ as you continue to grow in Christ and accept His comfort through prayer.

  • Unconditional love is not allowing someone to walk all over you. That is what the world wants you to think, so that you do not understand Christs ability to love. Remember God gave us ability of divorce for the hardening of our hearts, but based on infidelity. Although He also says from the beginning it was not so. Which means even in that instance that He allows us to divorce He frowns upon it.

    Now, with you. Think about all the times in your life that you have done your own thing, that you have sinned, that you have forsaken Christ. Yet at this moment you are expecting Him to come into your life and give you peace, love and comfort. And yes, He will, because He loves you unconditionally. He should be your example, and through this journey He will show you that.

    I could not for one second in my journey to expect Christ to forgive me for anything if I was not willing to forgive. And I could not expect forgiveness of my bad things in my marriage if I could not forgive.

    Read your post again, and look at it from the outside. That is a person that is burdened big time, which is a conviction that Christ is laying on you to open your eyes to forgiveness.

    Take a few minutes and read the appendix, most especially the section on leading the heart.... Then think about all this.

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