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My Wife is Controlled By Satan

My Wife is Controlled By Satan

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  • My story is very similar to those I have seen on this site.  My wife and I have been married for 24 years with the last 5 years being the most challenging.  We have 1 daughter (19 yrs) and 2 boys (16 & 15 yrs).  My wife continues an adulterous relationship while trying to keep it a secret.  While meeting with my pastor the other day, I told her I was confident that my wife was no longer seeing this other guy.  Her reply was that she knew different as members of our congregation have seen my wife with this guy on a couple of occasions.  I was surprised, but not really.  I did confront my wife and she did not deny it.  This marks the 3rd time she has done this.  Sometimes I feel like a stupid doormat and other times I feel a tug from God to go after her.  The past few times I have tried to control the situation.  After reading many of the posts, its time for me to let go and let God.  I'm praying for God to give me the strength to handle His will, whatever that may be.

    With that in mind, do I cease all communications with my wife except for the dares?  I have the urge to continue to talk about possible resolution.  I feel that this other guy (an ex-marine) has my wife brainwashed into thinking that marriage is what you want to be happy.  I am so frustrated because my wife has done a complete 180 and has a cold heart.  I almost feel its my duty to save her from Satan...Any words of advice out there?


  • Mark, no one can save her except theLamb of God.  Your role will be to draw really close to your Saviour so He can teach you, mold you, comfort you and heal you.  Doing the dares is a fabulous way to allow Him to show you just exactly what unconditional love is....there is no better teacher that the Lord for that.  One of the hardest things is doing the dares without trying to control their outcome.  It is critical that you do the dares without manipulating them, explaining them, or expecting results from them.  Seek the Lord in approaching the dares, and ask Him to take the reins.  There are many on here who can relate to what your are going through, and will encourage you along the way.  It is always strongly recommended to read all the appendices at the back of the book before strating the journey....they will help your perspective, and intents true to what the LD journey is about.  Remember, that the LD is primarily about your relationship with Christ, making His ways our ways, and learning to trust Him in all things.  Your wife will notice His work in you along the way, and your life will impact others as you allow God to lead.  Believe me, God is good, and he will bless your faithfulness as you walk alongside Him, but sometimes He allows things to worsen before they get better.  Look forward to following your story along the way.

  • Thanks for the encouraging words Lisa.  My wife and I are currently separated.  We each take turns staying at home.  My confusion is that Days 8 & 9 specifically ask to support and greet your spouse.  I try not to make it a point to call her.  Trying to give her some space.  Do I make an exception and call her to complete the dare for the day?  Do we do the dare when we get the chance to???   Trying to let God handle this...

  • The most important part of this journey is to trust Christ in each dare to do them His way and not manipulated by your own selfish desires no matter how easy you can justify it.

    And remember the success of the dare is not her response or the outcome, it is trusting Christ to do it His way as it is intended without your manipulation.

    If you get a chance take some time and read my journals.

  • Day 10...I can’t believe how difficult it was to think of something today!  I wouldn’t be seeing Sue at all today and was struggling with how I could get this done.  After reading some posts on the Love Dare site, I decided to pray about it.  Amazingly within minutes I had an idea!  I wrote a poem about what I love most about Sue (her singing).  I printed it out on pink paper and copied some clip art on it.  I will place this in her choir folder at church (she has choir practice tonite) before she even gets there.  It’s just about completing the dare and not worrying about what Sue’s response may be.  I’m doing it for the Lord.

  • There you go! The power of prayer.

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