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Day 8 - Love is not Jealous

Day 8 - Love is not Jealous

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    Day 8 – Love is not Jealous

    “Share with your spouse how glad you are about a success he or she recently enjoyed.”

    Let the creativity begin! Now that my husband has officially told me he wants a divorce, is not staying at home, and is not talking to me, I have to find creative ways to do my dares. I prayed for wisdom and guidance. What came to mind shortly thereafter? The following email (my husband is in law enforcement)—

    I have been thinking a lot about what has taken place recently and despite the trials at home, you have proven to still carry out success at work. A little something that came to mind –


    S ervice with humility

    U nyielding respect and protection for civilian rights

    C reating a safe environment

    C ourageous

    E nhancing safety

    S ervanthood

    S howing integrity and accountability

    I am proud of how well your JPA went.

    Love Jenn

    [JPA = Job Performance Appraisal]

    I obviously don’t expect a response, but it feels really good to “cheer” him on in this way even without contact and knowing he is divorce focused. Another great reminder God has put in front of me – be my husband’s biggest fan!

  • Isnt it different how Christ can comfort you in the time of trouble to be appreciative of what He has blessed you with.

  • Sean - I have to tell you - I look forward to waking up every morning and getting on here to see your encouragement/honesty/advice. I cannot thank you enough!

    I am so in AWE of God's daily work and blessings!

  • It is my pleasure. And I praise God each day for the chance to share my story and His success in my life.

  • Day 8 Love is not jealous

    So I didn’t get the chance to talk to him today.  He is busy doing things to get situated before his job interview.  I wanted to do this in person, but I already knew that he would get weird on me.  I know that is not an excuse for not doing it in person.    I did try to call though but he was preoccupied.  So I wrote him an email.  This was hard for me today because there wasn’t anything real recent that was a success.  So I wrote this instead:

    I know we are living separate lives and despite that i still have hope for us in the future. I know you are dealing with things that i don't understand, but just remember i'm always here to listen and be there for you. Even through all this I just wanted to let you know that I'm proud of you. Not just proud of who you were, but who you are and proud of what the future brings for you. I know God is going to bless you with so much in the future. With all that is happening you still strive to be a great father and I find that amazing in so many ways.

    Love you... Natalie

    It doesn’t specify anything, but it says how I really feel.  And it’s words of encouragement in so many ways.  

  • So this bares the question. Take a moment. and really sit and think about this. Did you do all you could to complete the dare or did you do it your way? And why?

    I am not saying you did or didnt. I am just asking you to look deep inside. so that you can see what it takes not to justify your way if that was the case.

  • are we supposed to do everything face to face ?  I thought it was a way that god this morning....i felt that i needed to tt him at that moment to say my praise....should i have done it face to face?

  • It is much more personal in person. However, if the opportunity only exists in other means then sure do it that way.

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