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Re: Day 8 ex bf

Day 8 ex bf

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  • I recently had a couple of situations where I've felt jealous not of his success but feeling like he wasn't all that into me and maybe seeing somebody else or taking to somebody. It's not hard to destroy there list of negative things but it's hard to not allow myself to feel jealous or insecure with everything. The positive things are I do know when we were separated in the past he would not talk to me at all when he was saying someone else but although he many days is very quiet he does answer me. I did encourage him when he mentioned going back to school. I truly just want him to be happy and work a job he loves. 

  • Welcome to the site. This part of the site doesn't get read as often as the section under community. if you click that link, a link will pop up that says love dare journals.  Please try posting journals or entries there.  

    your entries are listed as you being something that sounds like ex boyfriend.  I may not have interpersted that right.  Are you married, divorced from him, or single and dating or had been living together?  I am not asking this to judge you at all, but it may make a difference on how or if you should do a dare or two.  

    Keep in mind this is a journey, one between you and Christ, not you and him.  Do a dare a day, no more or less, and do each dare as it is suppose to be done.  Do not text instead of talking to him in person if it calls out to speak to him because the texting makes it easier.  Do not have any expectations of him responding in any way to you doing the dares.  in fact, it will likely get worse before it gets better.  But this has a plus side, you will be humbled and forced to rely on God more.  

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