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Re: Day 8, bad news, why am I bothering?

Day 8, bad news, why am I bothering?

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  • Found out today that my wife knows about the dare. She told my mother she figured it out& it just seem mto make her more upset. She is very angry with me. I revealed amsecrets from my past to her and she is using the secret as a wedge & reason to divorce me. She also broke my confidence by telling my mother & her sister the secret. I am having a very difficult time dealing with this & giving it up to God. I am getting counseling & the counselor tells me her mental health is her responsibility. & my health is mine. Need some encouragement & reasons to continue. Please help!

  • This dare is a journey between you and Christ. Not yu and your wife. She is just a tool in this journey. The trials and tribulations that will come you are to commit to Christ and seek His love and comfort through them. And I assure you, if your focus is on growing with Christ, blessings will come form this situation

  • In the midst of day three and this is one of my fears as well.  Take a deep breath, focus and know that her knowledge of your participation in this doesn't really change a thing.  Trust in God that He knows where you are going and simply follow.  Easier said then done I KNOW!!  Chin up and thank you for sharing...I am learning from YOU!

  • Tim, no need to fear. Just know that your walk in this journey will bring many things to the forefront that you need to deal with in Christ.

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