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Re: Love Dare Day 8

Love Dare Day 8

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  • So today is Love dare 8. Getting rid of the negative list was a lot harder than i thought it would be. I honestly got a little anxiety. I didnt realize how much i had been holding on to all those things. But after i burned it i felt a release, a relief. Like i could start loving him again for all the good things he has done and is. I feel a renewed love for him and i know i messed up a few days back but now I am ready to move forward. Keeping my emotions in check and not taking what he says or do to offense his hard but im pushin through them. I got some good advice and realize that its all about Jesus. So i am renewing my strength and ready to go. I can do this. Just do them with love and focus on Jesus.

  • Remember this is a journey

  • :) yes, i remind myself that every day, Thank you.

  • Seek Christ in these days. Read your dares and commit them to prayer.

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