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Re: Really tough to do - Day 8

Really tough to do - Day 8

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  • I'm on Day 8 and it has been a challenge so far. I don't know how to continue much further since she is 1900+ miles away and and most everything I have been doing has been over the phone or mail. We have been married almost 21 years, She left me back in September to "Take care of her mother" I found out she had been having and "emotional affair" with her High school sweetheart that lives in the same town as her mother that she has admitted having. She says I was controlling, disrespectful, angry, etc and needed to change or she would never come back. She has called it off with me over the phone several times and changed her mind usually within 24 hours. She continuously defends "him" saying he's just a 3rd party to talk to even though I know he has been spending the night ever since her mother passed away. She still talks to me everyday and says her goals are to tell me she is coming back home and that she wants to be able to tell me she loves me again, I started the dares in hopes to connect with Jesus and hopefully to make me a better person. It seemed everything I was doing in the past was not working, I have NOT told her about the Dares but she has asked why I'm doing somethings and I respond with you will know when I it's time. I have the movie and book packaged up and ready to send to her when God lets me know. 

    The main problem I am having is trying to complete dares that involve being with her or seeing her.That is IMPOSSIBLE considering she is so far away and I don't know if this other man is even in the picture with her anymore. I have felt change in my life but have a long ways to go. ANY advise on what to would be MUCH appreciated. 

  • First don't send her the package. This is you trying to manipulate. Just leave her to Christ while you advance on your journey. Take a look at the appendix, especially the section on leading the heart.

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