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Re: Seems Hopeless-Day 8

Seems Hopeless-Day 8

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  • This morning I woke up to a text saying that he saw how it was and that he was going to petition for divorce. He claims that I was trying to ruin his federal"career"becuase he was happy for once.He was telling me becuase I turned him in to his chain of command, there was no way he was going to take me back. He had said he had been thinking about taking me back just so he could be with our son full time. He claims he has been unhappy for a long time, but i find it hard to beleive that he would stay with me being so unhappy. So I will be seeing a lawyer tomorrow for a consult. I dont want a divorce but I want to protect my interests as i have a child to support and depend on his support right now. I will know more of whats going on tomorrow . I did part of todays dare as I burned the lists of negatives but i could not not share joy about any acheivments he had recently accomplished. I am going to keep doing the dares and praying for gods guidance and wisdom.

  • Turning him into the chain of command for what? Also read the other post that you made on this section

  • I turned him into his chain of command for adultery. He had told me he was having a sexual relationship with another woman and  he didnt tell me about it for a month.

  • I assume that was before the dare?

  • Yes. i explianed that to him but he didnt want to hear it and even told me that i blew all chances when i told his command about him and the other woman. whenever i think about her i get super mad about this and it isnt healthy at all. I'm just getting burned up about because he told this woman( who is not a christian, but pagan) and others that I gave him permission to sleep with other women while he was deployed. Which is a lie, and to think that she actually thought that someones wife would say that to her husband

  • Well here is the bigger problem. It seems that you are willing to forgive him by anting to make things work if Christ was to bring him back. Which means that you must forgive her as well. You cannot forgive one without the other,

    And if you are having a hard time forgiving, think about this. Why do you have expectations of Christ forgiving you of your sins but yet you cannot forgive those sins against you?

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