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Re: Day 48 - Love is not Jealous

Day 48 - Love is not Jealous

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  • There hasn’t been any recent success that my husband has had that I haven’t already recognized.  Last week, he received recognition at work for how well he’s doing, but I made a big deal out of it at that time. 

    I chose, instead, to focus this dare inward.  I have to get past the jealousy of who he’s talking to on the phone.  I always assume the worst when he could just be looking at the latest article from National Geographic.  I prayed the temptation prayer from Power of a Praying Wife.  I felt so much better!  I have no control over who he’s talking to, but I can pray for him to make good decisions about who he’s focusing his attention on.  Best part was – once I started to let it go, he would open up about what he was doing on his phone.  He would read me an article or mention something that a friend had said.  Instead of asking what he’s doing on his phone, I will pray this prayer.  I have felt, recently, like it was okay for me to ask what he was doing on his phone since he does the same to me.  It’s not okay.  It just keeps me anxious.  This one thing has been my biggest hurdle in letting go completely. 

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