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Re: Day 8 and real life issues

Day 8 and real life issues

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  • It was not hard for me to destroy the list, I was just suprised that I was getting rid of it so soon.
    I had to pray about what to say to him for this one and God reminded me of how he always talks about taking extra care of the elderly people that he works for at the home to make sure their "personal care" needs are not over looked.
    So when he got home, he told me that he got a promotion and also a raise.
    I told him that it was because he takes that extra care with other peoples mothers and fathers to make sure their hygeine needs are met that he has this promotion.
    some people do not take that extra 60 seconds to double check that the people are notjust looking ok but that they are also feeling and smelling fresh.
    He said, oh you mean how i put perfume on them?
    I said yes, becuase that extra care makes them pleasant to be around and at the end of the day these are some bodies mother and father and they are being taken care of well.
    He seemed very pleased at that and went on to share about some of the other things that are  going on at his job.  He talked for a while from one thing to the next and i just listened to all that he said and agreed here and there to show I was enganged.
    I think the way to encourage him in the future is to bring up passed victories and pay more attention to the stories he tells me about his day at work now knowing that there are some things I can use to be his fan.
    While doing this dare, I had to lead my heart because I am still not pleased with him not comming home the other night. I just feel that he thinks I will always be there, I always have to be understanding and accomodating and it makes me feel used.
    Just becuase I have not asked him about it, and I do not want to, I feel like he's just floating through life and floating in and out of the house as he pleases.
    It really makes me sick and he demands that I treat  his freind, the single guy who has all the time in the world so what single people do , with respect and welcome him in our house etc.
    i have told his freind that I dont like it when my husband sleeps out and as a freind, I expect him to be able to say somethinhg, do something, but he does not.
    I feel that any freind of mine or my husbands should have the best interests of our home and family first before the freindship. But this guy and my husband are freinds for the long haul!
    He is everywhere my  husband should not be and I really do not like the hand that he has in the waywardness of my spouse.
    My spouse has another freind, whom this freind hates, becuse this freind considers me and I apprecciate that about him.  When he and my spouse are together, I feel safe. He brings out the king in my spouse.
    But this other freind, brings out the fool in my spouse.
    I told God that I do  not know how to process my feelings towards this freindship and that I needed
    His help. I told Him that I did not want to go to hell becausue of unforgiveness in my heart towards this freind of my spouse.
    When I am home, he wont come in the house, but when  I am not there he comes in the house and my husband seems to love all the attention that he gets knowing that we tollerate each other.
    It makes me sick becuase it's like we are fighting over him an dmy husband is an attention seeker.
    He plays down what ever I say about his freind, and he plays down what ever his freind says about me.
    Its like, as long as the issue is not with him its fine and he is happy about the contention being about him. His freind comes in the house and says, "oh this guy is my best freind".
    On his face book page, my husband is all over there with pics of them in drinking places.
    I think they are both attention seekers to be honest and i feel sick about it.
    I have such wicked evil thoughts going through my head, about it that I just had to cry out to God this morning.
    I prayed this morning and asked God to release all the bitterness and hate that I have towards this freind of his. I told God that the reason I do not like him is because he does not care about me and ny welfare.
    I asked God to give me peace about their freindship if He (God) has peace about it and that if He does not have peace about it then may He Arise and scatter all His enemies in Jesus name.
    Its not that I want my spouse to be freindless, i just dont want him to have the SORT of freindship with this person any more.
    To be honest, my spouses family have a history of putting finding value in freinds than in their family.
    The family are all drinkers and sexually immoral, none of them are married and if they were, they commited adultery, lost their marriage and now they are either still adulterers or fornicators, either or with drink involved.
    This is what I am dealing with in my head and heart.
    I have prayed and laid all these before the Lord.
    I dont want to be weighed down with bitterness.
    At the end of the day, the task was complete and I am leading my heart to the cross, LORD PLEASE HELP ME.
  • First... Depend on Christ to fill your voids. As you grown with Christ you will find your feelings toward the friend will change. From not liking him to actual pity. This is when you realize that you testimony of Christ will also be beneficial to him as well.

    Seek Chirsts love and forgiveness so that you may share that with others.

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