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Re: Am loosing her

Am loosing her

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  • hi
  • Hi everone. Am kinda different here. Most of the people who take the dare are married or have been married. My case is different. Am not married, but we have been together with my girlfriend for more than 4 years. We are both in university. We had plans and dreams for the future but now things seem to be falling apart. Here is the short story; problems started arising when we got to know that my family thinks that she is not the best girl for me, this really hurt me but most of all it hurt my girlfriend. I didnt stand up to defend her and things got worse. When i finally did, things were bad, but i believe i put my point across that she is the girl i love and want to be with in life. After sometime, my girlfriend told me that she is scared of marrying into a family that thinks less of her. So she said we should break up. From that time things have been hard, i tried talking to her and convincing her that its me she is to marry n not my who family. But still the fear is there. Soon after she started dating another guy, we are still good friends so we talk a lot. She tells me she feels her future has been shuttered n is disappointed. And because she sees she cant have what she wants (thats for us to be together) she is settling for something else. I have tried to tell her not to give up hope and that nothhing is wrong with us but with the world around us. But she says she doesnt want to put so much hope and be hurt. Told her no matter what happens she should not give up her life dreams and settle for just what comes along. I want the best for her, i want the best for us.

    I statrd the love dare about a week ago andam on day 8. The truth is am jealous of the other guy, I do my best to be a gentleman n behave right but at time i cant push it out of my mind. And she knows. I know she still loves me by what she does and says but the doubt in her head is clouding her n this other guy. I told her i willl always be there for her and show her unconditional love and expect nothing back. Told her to be patient and i'll wait for her.

    I pray to God every day. I want Him to save her fromm the troubles she is going through and help her make a good decision in life that she will not regret. I pray and ask God that if its His will that he will help us find our way back to each other. Help my family accept her and see her for the wonderful girl she is. But am still afraid that am loosing her to another man. I pray and try to be patient for God's ans.

  • This journey is for everyone. It is one between you and Christ. She will just be a tool that is used.

    Be humble and trust in Christ.

  • Lake, are you still on here. Wondering how the love dare worked for you?

  • HIs post was from 2011.  I doubt he is still here.

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