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Re: Day 8 and the wedding ring is off......almost seems hopeless

Day 8 and the wedding ring is off......almost seems hopeless

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  • It was pretty easy to destroy the list as I want to forgive and forget all the bad things anyway. She has a new job at her work and it makes her feel very good to do something different for a change so that is what I congratulated her on this morning.

    This is really starting to get hard for me to do cause I just noticed that she is no longer wearing her wedding ring anymore and seems to be doing things like tanning and exercise that I always told her it made her look sexy. I catch myself now starting to plan my future without her now as I see no good in what is coming. I keep praying that this negative thought will leave but it always seems to works it's way back in my head. She even stated that she prayed on how she could afford the house without me and said work gave her a raise they forgot about. She thinks this is a answered prayer from God. Maybe it is and I should just quit.......... My heart is being torn on which way to go right now.

    This is really starting to get hard when all I see is no hope......

  • Dont give up yet. This is a difficult process but you have to see it through to the end. I know you want this to work out, and even as painful as things are you have to stick to it. She will notice. Even if things don't work out as you hope, you'll still be able to hold your head high and say you did everything in your power to make things work. This is a powerful tool, not to change the relationship, but for God to make a change in us.

    I'll be praying for you.

  • Watching the movie it seemed a little rough on him but I didn't know it was going to be like this. I have never felt so helpless....

  • My wife stopped wearing her wedding ring in October...she also started working out, tanning, calling guys on the phone, and going out with guys.  She just started wearing her wedding ring again this month...and told me she was glad that I never stopped loving her.  We've been to one session of couples counseling, starting to go to married couples sunday school, and she talks about future things for us.  All hope is not lost bro, but you have got to start praying a lot, talking to God and asking for Him to direct you on YOU, not her.  As tough as it is, you cannot control her.  She's going to do what she is going to do.  Anything you do that feels like control to her is going to push her further away.  Changing her attitude and position is God's area, not yours.  I'm praying for you bro.  Don't give up.  God's given you what it takes, you've just got to use it.  

  • I am praying today that God helps me to let go of this. I am afraid if I leave her alone she will find someone else that treats her like I used to, that is the scary part. Letting go is the hardest thing I have had to do since recovering from addition 15 yrs ago. I will continue to work on it and pray even more.  

  • My wife has also said she is done and is working on moving to a different state where her parents are. She recently stopped wearing her ring as well. So I totally understand and feel where you are coming from. In all this the lord has been so faithful and I feel that he will for you as well just keep on keeping on.  The closer we draw to him the easier it is to trust and let go.  

  • well I am not to the point of not wearing my wedding ring...yet. My husband, however,has. This morning I woke up to a text saying that he saw how it was and that he was going to petition for divorce. He claims that I was trying to ruin his federal"career"becuase he was happy for once.He was telling me becuase I turned him in to his chain of command, there was no way he was going to take me back. He had said he had been thinking about taking me back just so he could be with our son full time. He claims he has been unhappy for a long time, but i find it hard to beleive that he would stay with me being so unhappy. So I will be seeing a lawyer tomorrow for a consult. I dont want a divorce but I want to protect my interests as i have a child to support and depend on his support right now. I will know more of whats going on tomorrow .

  • In the appendix you will find a section on leading the heart. There will give you some insight not only to your past but his thinking as well. And when you lead your heart to Christ to mold you in His image then things become more clear on what love truly is.

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