Hi all, 

        I started a doll shop last year. My husband met with an accident recently and was hospitalized for almost 3 months. I spend a huge amount for his medical expenses. Because of that, I was in short of funds to launch my shop. I took a mortgage meant for self-employed. 

       Two years back, at the time of our housewarming, we took another home purchase mortgage also. As my husband is not able to go to work, we are a financially little bit insecure now. From my friend, I came to know about debt consolidation. I would like to enroll in such a program. So that, I can easily manage my debts. In my search, I came across a company offering debt consolidation services in Toronto.

       Have you ever availed any such debt consolidation services from them? Are you satisfied with them? Any comments or suggestions regarding this matter are always welcome. Thanks in advance.