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Day 7 Beginning to feel resentful

Day 7 Beginning to feel resentful

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  • Today is day 7 for me doing the love dare. My husband and I have had a decent marriage, we are pretty respectful to each other, show plenty of affection and I felt very in love with him until recently. I caught my husband talking to another woman in a very inappropriate way and had read text messages in which he was planning on meeting her. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me. I had no suspicions of this, thought we were okay. He told me he still loved me but has been bored with our marriage and felt like he has just been doing what he felt he was supposed to do. I was furious and was planning on leaving. After long consideration, I had decided to give this everything I have. I wasn't raised with any religious beliefs, although I have always believed in God, this was my first time being completely humble to him, asking for his help and leaving it in his hands. In doing each dare, I have felt more resentful toward my husband. Why should I be the one calling him when he hurt me so badly and offering kindness? I have prayed each day for the ability to stay here. My husband has been appreciative of each thing I've done for him, he has apologized and tried to convince me that he never would have really met this woman, it was just exciting and new. I cannot tell if it is my pride that is causing me to feel so resentful and angry more each day, or if God is trying to tell me that this isn't what he planned for me. I keep asking for help forgiving, but it is harder each day to stay when I want so badly to leave. I cannot tell if I am letting my own feelings be so loud in my head that I will never be able to really give this over to God. When I do something nice for my husband, he will try and do something in return for me, and then I am overwhelmed with thoughts of, "Does he really want to do this for me, or is he just doing what he thinks he's supposed to do here?" I pray and pray for help letting go, I just don't know how to. I love my family more than anything and would do anything to save this marriage, but feel like the more I continue, the more bitterness is coming out of me.

  • Stop thinking to much into things. We always think the worst.

    The dares are a journey. One between you and Christ, not you and your husband. He is just the tool Christ will use for you to be humbled, and to see how to love unconditionally as Christ loves us.

  • You do this dare because you still have love in your heart for him and you hold your vows so dearly. God will make a way for you just keep the faith in him and trust that this is his plan for you. For you to do his will and walk in his light and try your best to forgive your husband of his wrongdoings because if not then what was the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross if not to forgive us. It will take time but if you truly do want to save your marriage then walk in the light of the Lord and it will fall into place. Trust me it works just let go and let God.

  • When you consider why should you be calling on your husband when he hurt you and offering him kindness.  

    Also consider how God has always been calling on you through your whole life, and now after being in pain, this is the time you come to HIm.  You have ignored Him much of your life yet He is still there, patiently waiting on you.  

    Show love, patience, kindness to your husband as Christ is doing for you.  

    I would really suggest posting in the journal section.  Sometimes this section isn't read as much.  Keep doing the dares!

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