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Day 7 And I don't know what she is feeling

Day 7 And I don't know what she is feeling

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  • Up to now I have seen her drop her gared a little. We spoke on day five about her day, she was not in a very good mude. that day she was a little crankey with me in the morning. About these protien drinks she purchest. Id been drinking them in the mornig. she asked that i not drink these drink. I said notthing. went and worked out, came back showerd ran to store and purchest her some friut to go with her protein drinks. then went to work. that same day I called to see how her day was going, she sounded frustrated. I asked her to tell me what was wrong, she said well talk when i get home. that night after the kids went to bed we spoke for a little while. she said that her motavasion for school is shot. that I was confuising her. And that everything that i was doing felt fake. I told her that i understand. she gave me the oppertunity to hold her as she wepped, and confort her. made me feel good that she would alow me to enbrace her. Today on day seven I am the one who is feel like I should be doing more. but the book said not to. My hope is that along the way i can find GOD and he will give me the pations i will need to follow thru with this Dare. I hope that she will continue to give me the opportunit to contnue the dare.


  • we just spoke. about alot of things. She even spoke about me. she told me that the nicer i am to her the angryer she gets with me. I told her that is not what i am try to do. She said I know. so who nows.

  • It is not her that determines the opportunity to do the dares. This is a journey between you and Christ. As you will see if you read in the appendix learn to lead your heart. And of course she is going to think this is fake. Such changes in such short time. As you grow in Christ your testimony becomes stronger and she will believe but right now she is skeptical.

    As for her getting angry because of your changes is because now that she is where she is with everything you should have always been this way. Focus on Christ and allow Him to mold you each day.

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