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oh well...

oh well...

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  • Right, I just completed the dare.
    Keep in mind that my spouse didnt come home last night. I called his cell phone this morning and he told me he was at work and that he's be off at  2pm.
    I asked if he could come by my office and take my phone to the repair shop ( Here's the thing, I am a make it happen person. So yesterday when my phone stopped working, I knew exaclty what to do. When i told my spouse he offerd me his phone right away! thing is his iphone sim card is different from a blackberry sim card. So i though, right after work i'll pop by the store and get a temporary phone... but then... i felt like you know what, I am always doing stuff for my self. If i ask spouse to do it, he will be happy and feel that he fixed the problem for me. so get home to find him not home, woke up this mornig, came to work and its just getting to 2.45 he just left with the phone to take it to the shop)
    Ok, so the list was long on the negatives but I did chose one of the positives to say to him when he came over and that is that he is very helpful and when he helps you out, he does it with his whole heart. So before he got in, I was praying to God to keep my countance fresh so that I will not be upset.  I said out loud to my self, love is kind , love is not rude. God told me to follow his lead, if he brings it up go for it and if not, dont bring it up.
    So after i handed him the phone, he began to appologise for last night, and ( with a sympathising face) how he knows that i am upset, i politely told him that i didnt want to know. He persisted to speak and i told him again that I really didnt  want to know and that I just wanted to thank him for being helpful. I told him that when he helps out he does it with his whole heart and that I am guilty of not giving him opportunities to help because I had been so used to doing things my self.
    He looked confused and asked me " so what do you mean?"
    I repeated the statement again to him and thanked him for being helpful.
    He leaned to give me a peck on the lips and that was that.
    The circumstances surrounding this dare....... bizzare!
    But without this dare, it would have been terrible terrible terrible, We have been down this road so many time and I felt that there was no other way to respond than to be mad, but thanks be to God, I am not mad..... confused..... yes, maybe ...but not mad.
    I have options that I never knew were possible.
    God has taught me that I do not have to let others dictate my life.
    If I am willing and obidient I will eat the good of the land.
    I feel fortunate, I really do, Thank you Lord
  • When you leave the burden with Christ, things can be dealt with a much better intent.

  • That is so profound, Wow.

  • Because you are letting Him deal with it. When you do it your way, you end up where you are now.

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