Hi guys, 


               I'm glad to tell you that, finally my friends Craig and Deena are getting married this winter. They met online five years ago. After talking via telephone for some time, they decided to get together for their first date. Even if the date didn’t work out, they were sure that they will remain as friends, as they shared many traits in common.


             But the date went awesome and broke all their expectations. They became a happy couple and everyone was amazed to see the wonderful chemistry running between them. A  lot more happened later in their story. Last week, Craig asked Deena to marry him. And their five-year-long love story is now gonna reach its extreme heights.Their engagement is fixed to be held on this Christmas night. 


            As Craig's bestie, I would like to gift something memorable to this cute couple. What about gifting a pair of diamond engagement rings? It will be great right? In my search, I came across a diamond engagement rings provider in Vancouver.  Have you ever heard about them? Are they providing quality diamonds? 

            Any comments or suggestions will be always appreciated. Thanks in advance.