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Still unmovable

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  • Today's dare is actually something we already did in counciling but i am going to do it again today as well and tell him thank you for something else on my list. This has been a tough last week and i feel like my husband is unmovable at times. He has begun a relationship with a girl who lives an hour away from us and she and this gay guy who he met in high school are the only two people he talks to at all anymore. I'll text him during the day little things and he ignores and rejects my love. He has actually made it a point now not to tell me "I love you" since yesterday and when asked if he wants to make things work with me he says he doesn't know what he wants. It hurts me so bad and so deep that he would want to throw his family away. We have a 7 month old daughter and i never wanted her to have a life like this. I have constantly been in prayer and asking God to move his heart and draw him close to the Lord. I feel like this Love Dare journey has truly brought me closer to the Lord and i am so thankful for that. It's amazing to see the love God has for us because that's what this is all about, God's unconditional beautiful rejected even at times love. It's hard to love someone when they don't love you back. It makes you feel used and unwanted. But it's so amazing to me that God still loves us even when we turn away from him or betray him. I serve an awesome God and i just pray that my husband can see i am genuine about wanting to change not only our marriage but our life and I want him to feel that amazing love that God gives us from me. I am going to keep loving him through this rejection and keep showing him i am more than 100% willing to give this my all.

  • Please try to understand what I am about to share...

    Right now your prayers for your husband are in complete selfishness. And that is ok. However, while you are on this journey, commit everything about him to Christ and focus on your journey with Christ. So to do that, do not pray specifically for things that deal with him. Pray for Gods will in him and salvation. That's it. The dares will open the door for a more specific prayer about your husband. But until then, focus on what the dares are trying to mold you to.

    It is then your prayers about your husband will be from a leading heart, not a following one.

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