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Re: Round 2 Day 7 - Love Believes the Best

Round 2 Day 7 - Love Believes the Best

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  • So I completed the dare in completing the negative list, and adding to the positive list from the first round.  Day was a bit up and down. See My Journal "Trying..." Journal Entry for more. Took the kids to church, they talked to mommy on the phone on the way. She said she missed them and wants them with her, and I replied that we could both have them all the time. She told me this will never be again. I didn't respond. I shed tears at church, again. This seems to be a weekly things for me, I'm not exactly sure why. Ate lunch with Shelly's parents as they have been missing our children. Shelly asked that I get some things together that she wants at her apartment, and I said I would do it for her and asked if there was anything else she needed. Gotour kids each some new shoes for upcoming school and preschool start. Plan on taking them clothes shopping in the next couple days. Came home and relaxed with the kids while playing with their new toys. Chatted with my cousin who's a pharmacist about my recent weight loss and health concerns. Hope for responses to my journal entry.

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