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Re: Day 47 - Love Believes the Best

Day 47 - Love Believes the Best

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  • I don’t know why, but this dare took two days to complete this time.  I just felt held back the first day. 

    On the day that I actually completed the dare, my husband and I spent a few minutes in the morning talking about what we could expect at work that day.  We started doing this over the last two months, and I have learned so much more about what he does.  We had talked about an issue that I was having with one of the kids that works for me, and I’ve been asking his opinion about how I should handle it.  This boy isn’t making good decisions in his life, and it’s bleeding through into work.  He’s a better person than he’s been acting like, and I need things to change, but I also need him to know that he’s so much more than the decisions he’s making right now.  My husband went through some hard times as a young adult, and I really thought he could help with the tone and words that I should use to get through to this boy.  My husband gave me some ideas before leaving to go to work – he brought up the issue on his own without being prompted by me.  He asked if I was going to handle it that day.

    I took my husband’s words to heart and really thought through how I was going to approach the situation.  The talk went well.  When it was done, I sent my husband a message to let him know how it went.  He messaged back that he’s glad it went well.  He was wondering what would happen.  This was probably the first time in years that he’s taken that much of an interest in something that’s happening with one of my employees.  I gave the praise to God – He placed someone in my life to help me find the words that would make a difference to another person. 

    My positive list was just as easy to make this time, unfortunately, my negative list was easier to make this round than last time.  I spent some time praying about that one. 

    After dinner, I thanked my husband for always looking at a situation from another perspective.  I can always count on him to see things in another light, when I get caught up in the black and white of things.  I let him know how I used his words while talking to my employee and how much it changed the way I would have said things. 

    My husband fell asleep after dinner.  Our daughter, my father in law, and I watched a movie together.  Shortly after putting our daughter to bed, I heard my husband wake up.  I went downstairs to spend a little time with him.  We just chatted for a bit, and then I went upstairs to read before bed.  A few minutes later, he came upstairs to show me something that the cat had been playing with.  We talked for a few minutes more, before he went back downstairs. 

    I know that feeling held back the actual day of this dare was just preparation.  I haven’t always listened to my husband’s opinion in regards to my work (or anything else really), and the Lord knew that I would be given the opportunity to learn something about my husband that I have ignored in the past. 

  • Creating oneness through things like this builds on the lifetime of being one with Christ. Now remember, a family that prays together stays together.

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