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  • Choose today to react to tough circumstances in your marriage in loving ways instead of with irritation.  Begin by making a list below of areas where you need to add margin to your schedule.  Then list any wrong motivations that you need to release from your life.


    Today I made a decision that I am going to focus on my journey with god and assisting my girls with the challenges with life. To guide them in the ways of God and to teach them right from wrong. I only text DK once today and that was around 10:30 in the morning to ask if he wanted to do a bountiful basket and if he wanted to order a case of corn since it was a decent buy and he likes sweet corn. He never did respond. A little before noon I closed my eyes in my office and prayed for the strength to complete the hurdles God has placed in front of me and also for forgiveness for my selfish ways. I prayed for continued guidance and for strength along this journey. After I completed my moment of prayer. I had a sudden sensation come over me which was something I had never experienced before. My heart was fluttering. I felt as if I was being hugged in addition to being held by god. It was an amazing! I have never felt that way before. I wanted to cry with joy. I have been so down on myself for not being able to make my marriage work that I forgot who deserved the better relationship. God deserved to have a better relationship with me and I deserved to have a better relationship with god. If God's plan for me is to be married to DK then that will be and if he has other plans then so be it. I cannot concentrate on negative behavior from DK right now. I need to divert my energies into my journey with god. God will lead me in the right path if I just shut my mouth and listen.


    Today when I got home from work DK was also just getting home. He sat on the couch/his bed then got up. He made supper for the kids and himself. Asked if I wanted some of the left over ribs. I said no go ahead. Then he said he wouldn't be able to eat them all. I said he can put the left overs back because I wouldn't be home tomorrow evening. He then proceeded to eat the rest of the ribs. We made small talk but I didn't initiate the conversation. I have decided that since he wants space and for me to quit bugging him. I will just let him approach me for the time being. I did make a remark how I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for preschool and he then handed me money to pay for preschool. He said that he did agree to help pay for the kids expenses but that this had to be it because he was now broke. He over paid me and I tried to give some back but he corrected me that it left $10 for me to have for whatever. I thanked him. He left about an hour ago to run to the store. He has yet to return I am assuming he will drive around or what ever he does until the early hours of the morning. I will not call nor text him. I am going to give him his space if you love someone or something sometimes you have to set it free.

  • As you are realizing, when you put God first in your life, way above your husband and everything else, He will take care of you.  That feeling of pure joy comes when you depend soley on Him.  

  • First your dares are essential. If you want to back off, that is fine, but make sure you at least do your dares. Even if it is initiating your dares and no more.

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