I fought with my bf last week. The mistake was on my part. I realized it only after he left the apartment at that midnight. My boyfriend's name is Joe. He has got the habit of leaving the house whenever we fight. He will take his car and drive to long destinations and will return only next morning after he has calmed down.

Last week too, he left the apartment. I felt sorry for him. I called him several times. He didn't pick up the call. I tried texting him. I got no reply for that too. I believed that he will return the next morning. But, he didn't come. One of his friends called me and informed that Joe met with an accident and was in the hospital.

I rushed to the hospital. By the grace of God, he was left with only minor injuries. He returned home two days back and is recovering quickly. But, he is complaining about frequent muscle pain. My friend told that having motor vehicle accident treatment from Oakville will be a good idea.

I have not heard about this procedure before. Is there anybody over here who has tried this treatment before? How was your experience? Please share!