So I'm on day 6. It's been almost 2 weeks since my husband of a little over 1 year said this wasn't working. I agreed. I've been going through some pretty big issues with my parents and then my grandmother recently died so to put it mildly I've been having a rough time and unfortunately have taken it out on my husband quite a bit. A couple days ago I found out my husband had met with a lawyer. This morning he told me that I was going to be served with divorce papers this weekend. After much thought, I recently decided to seek counseling for my family issues and had my first session yesterday. My husband talked to me before I went telling me that right now everything is about me and me healing and getting over what happened with my family. So when he told me I was getting served, I asked him what about what you said yesterday? What about it being about me healing right now? I'm trying to be "slow to anger" at this discovery, but I feel like he's telling me one thing and then doing another. He told me we'd talk about it tonight. But I just feel like these days I've been doing the love dare have been pointless. I thought it was working, we were getting along better, I've been learning a whole lot about me and how selfish I can be. But I just feel like maybe it's for nothing if he's got divorce papers coming to me. :(