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  • Okay, kicked hubby out, he has been gone for 14 days and says it is over he wants a divorce and not to contact him, for the first 12 he would not communicate with me any way, so I've been doing the dares and really getting close to God, then my husband slowly started texting me and I start paying him attention, today I had a dr appt and he was texting me during the appointment to find out results.. Im like...huh...I thought you did not love me.?  Then I started talking to him about God, in which he wrote back that God blessed me with big breasts that is for sure. He sure blessed you there.  I was appauld. I told him he did not want to be married to not make comments about my breasts.  This is not the guy I knew even one month ago, he has gone nuts. And what is up, now he is not talking to me again. Is this because he is guilty and knows it? Trying to avoid me so he does not have to face what he is doing..cheating?  Or is he just nuts?  This guy was raised in church and lost his religion, I was NOT raised in church and found mine!!! While God is working on us, what is going on with our crazy spouses?

  • First, the journal section has much more daily activity. Posting there will get quicker and more responses.

    So I Sumer you kicked him out because he was cheating. Based on what you posted. Now you are doing the dare and getting closer to God.

    Have you attempted to do the dares as they were intended even though he was not responding to you?

    And have you seen the movie fireproof?

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