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Walking by Faith

Walking by Faith

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  • Hi! I am going to say that I am successfully completing the dares. I text this question to my husband this afternoon. I didn't receive a response and I don't expect to. Before I made the decision to take the dare, I was expecting a lot. Then I surrendered my marriage to God ... and every time I think about controlling or manipulating the situation or outcome, I remind myself that I can't pick up what I already laid down.

    I pray many blessings for all of you and your marriages!

  • Okay! Maybe, I do need help! I just read over many entries and responses from Sean. Let me start by mentioning that my husband, of only 8 months, moved out and filed for divorce two months ago. He ignores my calls and text messages.These past months have been agony. I am feeling confused, hurt, betrayed, and abandoned.

    His reasons for leaving: Our marriage doesn't glorify God, he can't change, and this is for the best.

    After I surrendered our marriage to Christ, I started reading and decided to proceed with the dares. Get this, on the second day, as I was completing Dare #2 and was just about to mail him a package ... THERE HE WAS! He pulled into the parking lot and was about to go into the exact same FedEx. Remember, I haven't seen or heard from him in over two months ... and there he was. Once he noticed me he drove away. I stood there paralyzed in the parking lot ... but, I knew I was on the right path. I mailed the package and I called him yesterday, and left a message asking how he was doing and to see if he needed anything.

    Today, I text messaged him the question about the 3 things, but like I mentioned in my first posting, I haven't received a reply and I don't expect to. I feel my marriage is on the edge and that he can serve me any day now. Why he hasn't, yet, is still a mystery.

    I am taking things one dare at a time.

  • Keep doing a dare a day and use this as a journey to grow closer to Christ and seek comfort from Him.   Try using the journal section under community .  you will get more responses there.  

  • We all need help in this journey. We all start with our own selfish motives try to save our marriage and without the guidance and accountability of those that did the dare before us, we stay on that path... As Tim said, posting in the journal section gets many more responses and quicker.

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