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Re: Day 5 Fears

Day 5 Fears

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  • Today I woke up extremely sick from my stomach. I feel it's my anxiety taking over my thoughts and emotions. I saw this dare and now find myself becoming much more anxious. I know that now more than ever, do I want to really engage my spouse, and learn as much as I can to fix my marriage problem. But, knowing that once again, I'll have to face myself and my own worst enemy drives me further into my insecurities. God allow to look past these emotions, and look into my heart, so that I know that what I am doing is making myself whole again. So that my life will have purpose to serve you, my wife, and my family. I need to be ready today to hear the worst of myself, and know that I must lift up these ox yokes as well. Pick up the sins I carry with, and remove them from my life once and for all.

  • Place God above your wife, not loving her less, but God way, way above her and the fear will disappear and the anxiety will be replaced by God's comfort.  Try journaling in the love date section under the community tab if you can.  You will get others responses.

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