Hi all,

          I'm a person with strange kind of nature. Life is so unpredictable. Anything may happen anytime. It may be at the peaks of joy as well as at the extreme of worst at times. All depends on various factors.

         All I want is a private place to retreat myself when things get riotous. I could hang out with my guys and watch sports, play cards, or simply escape from all the irritating stuff. I think that a steel garage can provide me with a peaceful, comfortable space that can be decked out with my favorite beer, LCD TV, small cooler for my most loved blueberry refreshment.

        In my search, I came across a company offering pre-engineered steel building solutions in Ontario. Have you ever used their steel buildings? How long does it take to receive a pre-engineered steel building once it’s ordered?

       What’s the typical insulation value in a pre-engineered metal building? Do you know more about this company? Any idea about their rates and services? Any comments on the building quality? Any comments or suggestions are always welcome. Thanks in advance