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Re: Day 5 and still she dont talk to me..

Day 5 and still she dont talk to me..

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  • So, it’s day 5 and still she doesn’t talk to me. Except for when it’s about the kids. When I texted her about the questions on the dare she didn’t answer. But when I texted her about buying the kids costume for holloween together, she still didn’t answer. When I told her me and our oldest kid is going..she text back and said go. Is she staying away from me? She did ask for space, anyway. She comes home she just don’t talk. It’s kinda upsetting but I have to be strong and patient. I wish she will just talk to me one day. I’m still hopefull.

  • Do not manipulate or change the dare to make it easier.  Such as texting her the questions instead of asking the questions face to face.  Unless the dare specifies, do the dares face to face, the if not possible, call.  Text is a very last resort.

    You need to take the focus off of her, and place all your focus on Christ.  This is a journey between you and Christ, not you and your wife.  

    Yes, she is staying away from you.  She needs space.  Give it to her.  This will open the door for Jesus to work in her and also give you more time to spend in prayer or finding comfort in Him vs looking to her for comfort.  

    It's only 5 days, do not have expectations, especially so early in this journey.

    i recommend you try to journal in the Love Dare section, under the community tab.  

  • Alright, I’m actually afraid to ask her face to face but I will try tonight when she arrives from work. Coz when I left home for work, she was still asleep. I have a journal of my own. Didn’t know I could make a journal in the website. Thanks.

  • Most of us when starting out change the dates because we are afrid.  But fear comes from evil.  Trust Christ in doing the dares.  I know I sound critical.  That's not my intent.  If you can't find the journal section reply here and I'll try to be help.  You may have others respond in that section.

    Do not ask her tonight.  You attempted the dare.  Asking again will get in her space.  If you read this after you ask don't worry about it.

  • In the above dates should be dares.  Sorry.

  • Sorry, I had just read your message but it’s too late.I already spoke to her. I asked her if she could tell me the answer of the text I sent her. So, talked for a about maybe 3-5 minutes and told me the 3 things. Then she said she has to eat and study for her DPT program. I said ok I’m sleeping and I thanked her for telling me. I actually really know what are the reasons that made her feel this way but she didn’t give me much explanation before. This time she was more detailed on it. Which I’m glad coz I get to undertand it well more. Anyway, thank you for all the answers and I prayed to GOD too after me and my wife talked. I thank GOD for giving me the strength to talk to my wife.

  • Keep seeking God for strength, peace, wisdom in how to  grow in him and deal with this trial, comfort, and salvation.  

    That's  fine you tried the dare again.  But the result of doing the dare is not what determines the success.  The success is when you do the dare the best you can the way it should be done.  Because that's when you show you trust Christ.  Many dares she will not acknowledge, and some she may even get upset about.  And often it gets worse before it gets better. but that serves purpose.

  • Amen ok i understand where I went wrong

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