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Re: the thing I was most scared of happened

the thing I was most scared of happened

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  • the thing i was most scared of happened. thru 4 years of arguing and fighting, and now that im taking the love dare almost a year after i bought the book, and after i thought  its going well. my wife told me that she still love me but that the spark is gone. i cant help to feel that its too late now, but in a way it has made me more determined to do this dare. i knew it has been coming for some time, i just always thought that i still have time to correct it and rekindle our love.  i hope this love dare will help, and also help me to get back to the god. for i have not spoken to my god for years now.


  • Good news is you are at a point now to take this dare challenge seriously now.  Better news is even though you have ignored God for years, He is patiently waiting for you to come to Him.  Best news is the dares will bring you closer to God than you probably could ever imagine, and with God, even though you may think it is to late, God is never late in His perfect help when you seek Him.

    Look at this as Christ using your wife as a tool to bring you on a journey to become closer to Him.  Do a dare a day as it is to be done.  Do not attempt to change the dare to make it easier for you.  Do not fear if things go bad to worse.  You will learn from that and what she says now is not the end all answer.

    I suggest going to the community section and posting under the journal section.  Most people just read the journal section.   You will get better replies typically there.  I recommend posting daily to keep you accountable for your growth in your God that you are longing for.

  • Better late than never. Because God is never late He is always on time.

  • I am in the same boat as you brother. My wife said that she is not in love with me anymore. It tore my heart to pieces, now I am trying to regain a spark and rekindle our once amazing love.

  • Welcome kyle.   This part of the website is often overlooked.  Consider posting in the love darr journal section, under the community tab.  You will have more responses there.  Do a dare a day, and look at it as through the dares, you willl be molded by Christ.  For this will be a journey between you and Christ, where Christ will us your wife as a tool in your molding process.  Do you have the Love Dare book?

  • Well you are definitely not alone. I am in the same shoes and I am in fear of the worst however god says that we shall not live in fear. So you must put the entire situation in his hands. Remember to be quick to listen and slow to speak. God will start to reveal things to you.

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