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  • Hi Sean,


    I delving deeper into Goad and being amazed just about every minute. Although my husband is still acting cold, I can tell he is heart broken, does not trust me and is still holding on to the past and blaming me for EVERYTHING and I have apologized over and over and God not apologize again, so I am not.   Anyhow I saw a post where you said you could break him from the past.. can you help?  God has changed me so much in 5 days, him..not so much except I went to his work (after he said no contact) and took him a brand new pair of jeans and his bible. When I got ready to leave he acted sad like he did not want me to, and he said tell the kids I love them ... I said I will... and I looked at him and said, and I love you and he looked at the ground and nodded his head like no you dont.  I cried all the way home. 



  • Can I help? Well honestly that depends on you. Now, I am not God and cannot change anything that is going on, nor can I give you advice a those in the world do. I can however be here for you along this journey to encourage you to follow this journey and also a t times when needed give you testimony  and the hardest one accountability.

    This journey is between you and Christ. Not you and your husband. The dares will allow Christ to mould you in His image when it comes to learning how He intended love to be, not what the world has corrupted it to be. The real question is are you will to be dared to love as Christ loves you?

    If you are, please hop over to the journal section, there are many good people that have testimony of their journeys that most certainly open your eyes to many things.

    And when you get a chance, read the appendix, especially the section on leading the heart.

  • Sean-

      I need words of advice. This is my second time doing the dare the first timed i six it a failed i didn't finish it a stopped at like day 5 or 6 and I was not putting my heart in to it well make it short my marriage was not a success. It has been over 4 years and I have meet a very amassing girl it has not been a year since we have been dateing. She has a 3 year old little girl that I just adore and love being aroumd. Unfortunately she last her 5 year old son in a car accident do to her husband taking off with both children. His court is coming up and she seems so distant from me and is asking for space. I am trying to give her her space and still do the love dare im currently on day nine I feel so much closes to our father the only true father our heavily father the lord God. BUt I feel me giving her this space may be hurting us. Just need some encouragement thanks Sean and my God bless you for helping everyone that comes to you for advics

  • whroy66b    Just to let you know, Sean has had some major things happen in his life.  And has needed to step away from this site for a while. So he probably won't be reading your post here.  Just wanted you to know he isn't ignoring you.

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