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Re: Day 5, not sure what to do

Day 5, not sure what to do

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  • Just last week my wife told me she was done, that she want to try anymore.  She has told me just wants to be good friends and does not want to be married anymore.  Last night she took her ring off and told me it was because she felt she was lying and giving me false hope.  We are still living in the same house, she can't afford the house on her own and I don't think she wants to go live with her mom.  I think the only was I could afford the house on my own is if I break a promise I had made to myself.  I used to work too much overtime, I was too concerned about the money and thought that the extra money would help my family, instead the lost time hurt my family.  Right now I am day 5, I am scared to ask her the question of what 3 things irritate or annoy her about me.  I asked just a few days ago if there were 3 things she liked about me, the only thing she could say was I was a good father.  When I asked what 3 things she disliked about me she told me that was something I had to figure out on my own.  I am afraid of this dare because I don't want her to feel like I wasn't listening before or that I am trying to push.  This time in my life has been the most painful and has caused me to realize that I have had no relationship with God and I must build that.  I am trying to put my faith in him, last night reading my Bible I was led to first a passage that told me I needed to have faith and then I was led to a passage telling me to have endurance.  I am praying for the endurance and faith I need to use this Love Dare as a lifelong journey.  I just don't know how to go forward with today's dare without her thinking I'm not listening and end up pushing her farther away.

  • Explain to her you are going to focus on working on things in your life. And one of those things is to find from her what are 3 things that irritate her. Ensure her that this is from her perspective and you will be OK with it. By you not responding negatively. will be a testimony on its own. If she refuses, then understand you trusted Christ and did the dare.

    Success of the dares are not her response but you trusting Christ to do them without any manipulation of your own.

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