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Day 5

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  • Day 5 What a journey. When I asked the question what are three things that cause her to be uncomfortable or irritated w me. Her response" That I won't accept the divorce (and she prays that it will be amicable) and move on w my life. She is fine w me being involved with our 2 adopted children's life but need to accept it is over between us. The more I push and don't accept the further it distances me from her. Pls don't respond just accept" in Love Dare. I have been silent for months, moved out and see the children on her limited time schedule she extended. It was Dare #2, Dare #3 (her response don't send me anymore presents) that she sees me engaged in not accepting her divorce request. I'm ok and have Trust that He has me on a journey that will turn out GREAT for me...whatever His destination isr
  • And this is just the beginning. And it will get worse before it gets better. You must allow Christ to mod you, and be humble in the dares you get answers that you do not Ike, Christ is showing you things.

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