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Day 80 - Love is a Covenant

Day 80 - Love is a Covenant

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  • Daughter and I got up after my husband left for work in the morning and did some birthday decorating.  My husband has decided he’s going to completely ignore his birthday, but that’s just not possible with a 6 year old.  She lives for celebrations!  We hung a birthday banner and put his birthday presents on the kitchen table. 

    He and I messaged a little throughout the day.  I posted a message on his Facebook page wishing him a happy birthday and letting him know that I love him.  The day was pretty busy at work for both of us.  We talked on the phone for a few minutes on our way home from work.  He got off late, but still beat me home, so he saw the birthday decorations before I got there.

    I got home and made dinner for the family.  While I was making dinner, our daughter NEEDED Daddy to open his birthday presents.  She was going to burst if it didn’t happen soon!  She had gotten a game for the two of them to play together.  He opened all of his presents, leaving mine for last.  I gave him the birthday card from Dare 79, along with a gift card to a shooting range that’s fairly close to our house and close to the base that he works on.  I also gave him two blank membership forms and let him know that I would like to go with him.  I have always been adamant about no guns, but I don’t really have a good reason for it.  His response was “You would?”  That’s a good response! 

    We had a wonderful dinner.  Quesadillas and rice… his favorite!  After dinner, his back was really hurting from the car accident, so I offered to rub it for him.  He always turns me down.  First he said, “No thank you.”  Then a few minutes later, he was laying on the floor on his stomach asking me to do it.  I happily rubbed his back.  His dad brought me a heated back massager, so I used that for 30 minutes. 

    After that, I put our daughter to bed, and he fell asleep on the couch.  I meant to read through my vows that I wrote the first time through, but I fell asleep as well.  I can’t know what will happen from here, but I continue to give praise every single day for the changed person I’ve become and for the daily blessings GOD has shown me in my everyday life.

    Now on to Round 3! 

  • Amen!

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