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Day 40 - Easter - Love and new beginnings

Day 40 - Easter - Love and new beginnings

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  • This is more of a reflection on what 40 days has taught me:

    1. I've learned to walk with Christ and how to seek specific guidance.
    2. I've learned to be humble.
    3. I've learned to listen.
    4. I've leraned to seek wisdom.
    5. I've learned to ask for help and guidance.
    6. I've learned how to both give and seek forgiveness.
    7. I've learned to pray and make margin for Christ and that with that I will not be alone.
    8. I've learned how important couple prayer and scripture reading is.
    9. I've learned to love unconditionally past any pain threshold.
    10. I've learned that God does communicate if we listen (even if we don't listen)
    11. I choose to believe in miracles

    We have been married 15 years.  I received divorce papers last week.  Two weeks ago we put our house up for sale. The house sold on Easter.  Keys transfer in 30 days.  I feel Gods love and I feel her love but she doesn't feel mine.  We wil be apart.  She feels guilty for feeling happy for her future going back home to her family.  I feel broken and wonder how all the dominoes fell into place so fast - and then I remember - Thy will be done.

    In our conversation last night I expressed to her that it was okay to sell the house, it was okay to get her time and that I didn't want our old relationship back.  If we were to have a future it was going to be based on Gods true love and it would shine bright as a beacon.  I shared that it was my job both as her friend, and husband, to love her unconditionally and be there in every way I can to help together or apart.  She is not alone - God is with her and this is the beginning.

    I choose to believe in miracles.





  • God is never late. And you are right, His will be done. But there is one important thing with that. Stay out of His way.... LOL. That is the hardest part.

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