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Re: My Fiancee is a ***

My Fiancee is a ***

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  • Hello everyone,

    I had completed The Love Dare book and this book is really good.

    But I am very miserable. About 1 month ago, I fiancee told me she likes girl and which she actually had a relationship with a girl. Because we stay in different countries for 3 years, due to me studying at other country. She then started a relationship with a girl. Then she told me she wants to break up with me, but I insist not to. So I bought this book hoping things will change and turn around. But I feel what has provided by The Love Dare may not apply to my case, I hope someone can give me some advise.

    My fiancee has kept her secret for 6 years when we were together, she was hoping starting a relationship with me can change her. But after the last years that our relationship is in distance, in the 3rd year which is Oct 2012, she went off track.

    I didn't let go of her, we still in relationship until today. But I can feel she is not the same anymore.

    I hope someone can help as I am really lost.

    Thanks and warmest regards.

  • Michael, long distance relationships are hard. But Christ has brought you here to this journey for a reason. Seek His guidance and comfort, because He is preparing you for things to come.

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