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Re: Day 40: End and Beginning

Day 40: End and Beginning

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  • I struggled a bit with this dare.  My heart wasn't there.  I delayed it another day.  I finally did it today.  I had thought about digging out our wedding vows and looking at it for some inspiration.  We had the traditional vows so I looked them up online last night.  Tonight I just started writing.  I have been thinking a lot about 1 Corinthians 13 and how this is ultimately how I want to love my husband.  I know this is what GOD calls me to do.  So I based my renewal of vows on this and on things I have failed to give him in our marriage and made sure to start with loving GOD first and putting him at the center of our marriage.  Our anniversary is coming up.  I think I will share them with him on that day. 

    It was a challenging day but with GOD's grace and love I'm ending it in a peaceful way.

  • A marriage does take 3.... Without Christ it is a crap shoot!

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